'PM, Gujarat police harassing me'

Benjamin Netanyahu in his home state on Wednesday, his once-close aide and VHP leader Pravin Togadia accused Modi of conspiring with the Ahmedabad Crime Branch to harass him and VHP supporters.

J K Bhatt (Ahmedabad Joint Commissioner, Crime Branch) has begun hatching a conspiracy against me and harassing our nationalist workers at the behest of political bosses in Delhi. In the last 15 days, how many times has Bhatt spoken with the PM? Their call details must be made public,” Togadia, Acting President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, told reporters in Ahmedabad after his discharge from a private hospital in the evening.

The VHP leader had gone “missing” on Monday and emerged from a private hospital some 10 hours later in a reportedly unconscious state as his sugar levels fell drastically.

Togadia had claimed that a team of the Rajasthan Police had come for him in a shut 10-year-old case, though there was no instruction from chief minister Vasundhara Raje or state Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria for this.

He had claimed there was a conspiracy to kill him and this was hatched jointly by the Crime Branch and the Rajasthan Police. I have received communication from Rajasthan that the case in which I was supposed to be arrested was withdrawn in 2015. Then under whose instructions and who had come to arrest me? It appears Bhatt is acting under influence of political bosses in Delhi,” he said.

of democracy. Is this a crime branch or conspiracy branch? I have called my lawyer and shall initiate legal action against Crime Branch,” he said.

This Crime Branch is also releasing selective videos to television channels to sully my image. I want to tell the country that similar video of Sanjay Joshi in 2005 was made here. I shall reveal the names at an appropriate time. He was referring to the leak of a video of his whereabouts on Monday showing him in fine fettle.

the private hospital and was not missing at all. a private hospital though nothing had happened to him.


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Saba Qamar slams Pakistan govt

Authors: Ecroaker. com Boosters.

Actor Saba Qamar, who was recently seen with Irrfan Khan in Bollywood film Hindi Medium, has opened her heart about the humiliation she faces at international airports for being a Pakistani.

In a viral video, she talks about the tough nature of frisking at international airports. With tears in eyes, Saba says that it gets really difficult to go through such a humiliating process of checking when the security staff looks at her with suspicion. She says that such things have a connection with her being a Pakistani actor.

She narrates an incident in the 49-second video about the time when she went to Tbilisi, the capital of Euresian Georgia. She says, “When we went to Tbilisi to shoot for a film, all the Indian crew was allowed to go, but I was stopped. It was because of my passport. I was from pakistan. They did full investigation. They let me go only after an interview.

She added, “That day I realised our position. Where do we stand?

Saba Qamar was already a big name in Pakistani films and television before entering the Hindi film indutry with Hindi Medium. She has been parts of projects like Udaan, Baaghi Jinnah Ke Naam and Aina in the past. Her acting in Hindi Medium was also apperciated.

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